TEYSA Select provides intramural players ages 8-15 with an opportunity to play on a competitive team in local tournaments during the late fall. The following sets forth the guidelines for the program. Players must be rostered on a TEYSA team for the current season.

Player Selection

In September or October, the club will send an email to players within the age range  announcing the program and inviting interested players to register. Conference managers will obtain feedback on registered players from their intramural coaches, and an evaluation session with a professional trainer will be held in late September. The conference manager will select players based on the feedback from the coaches and the professional trainer. The aim is not only to select the most skilled players, but also those that show an eagerness to be on the team and can make the time commitment. 

Time Commitment

The head coach, in consultation with the Conference Manager, will schedule 4-5 training sessions and/or scrimmages during October and November to prepare the team for the tournaments. TEYSA Select is a supplement to the intramural program, and players are expected to continue to participate fully in their regular intramural team’s practices and games. Because tournament dates cannot be moved, conference managers may need to make adjustments to their regular season schedule to accommodate the Select tournaments.