Referee Payments

Each game is assigned 2 referees, except for first grade games where one referee covers each of the split squad games.  The coach of one team pays one referee and the coach of the other team pays the second referee.  On occasion there will only be one referee, meaning that he or she will need to cover the entire playing area. In that case, each coach pays the single referee and the referee makes twice the normal fee.  The referee fee schedule for 2016 is as follows:
First Grade $10
Second Grade $12
Grades 3-4 $14
Grades 5-6 $20

Interaction with Referees

1. DO treat the referees with respect. 

2. DO NOT yell at the referees. PLEASE make sure that the team parents DO NOT yell at the referees.  Coaches are responsible not only for their own conduct, but also the conduct of their assistant coaches and parents. Referees have been instructed to contact the referee manager if any untoward incident happens.  The club will deal harshly with individuals who mistreat the referees.

3. DO pay the referees BEFORE the game.

4. DO NOT expect referees to make change. This is particularly important for conferences that have "odd" dollar amounts.  If you give $15 and the fee is $14, you will not get change from the referee.

5. DO start and end games on time. If you have fewer than the necessary players or your "star" player hasn't shown up, DO NOT wait. Referees have their own games to get to and there are games scheduled after yours.

6. DO discuss game rules and playing time with referees and the other coach before the start of the game. Referees are instructed to bring rules to each game. Referees are also instructed to shorten the playing time if there is a delay in starting a game.

7. Teams are expected to show up and play their games unless the club has notified them that the game is canceled due to weather or some other reason.  Coaches are not authorized to cancel or reschedule games on their own.  If a referee shows up and one or both teams are not there, the referee still gets paid, and the referee manager will contact the coaches for the missed payment.

8. DO allow the referee to inspect your players for shin guards, cleats and jewelry before the game.

9.  DO help the referees keep the game safe.  Slide tackling is not permitted at any grade level.  With the new no heading rule for grades 6 and below, caution your players about keeping their cleats down.

10. DO stay off the field during the game. Wait for the referee to stop the game and signal you onto the field in case of an injury.

11. DO allow the referee to officiate. DO NOT second guess or micromanage. This is a learning experience for the youngsters.

12. DO take the time to talk to the referees after the game and compliment them on their work.  Remember, at all levels, calls will be missed and mistakes will be made. DO NOT expect a perfect game every time.  If a coach believes that a significant error occurred, he/she should contact the for clarification, rather than engaging the youth referee.

13. Finally, DO email the with comments (good and bad) about the referees so they can be shared and allow us to improve the program.